Antomic Project wiki Feb 26, 2003

While the project stalls because of a delayed X Window System release(4.3), we have a wiki for users and developers. Find it here.

Antomic GNU/Linux 0.02 is OUT! Sep 27, 2002

Presenting a new release of Antomic GNU/Linux. Read the release notes and download the ISO image here.

Website redesign Sep 09, 2002

The Development section has pages about the package format and apkg along with other things.

Mailing list: antomic-user Aug 03, 2002

A new mailing list has been started for Antomic users. Visit the following link to subscribe to the list. http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/antomic-user

Antomic GNU/Linux 0.01 Released Jul 20, 2002

Today the project released it's first version, Antomic GNU/Linux 0.01. The following is what this first release contains:
  GNU C Library 2.2.5
  Linux 2.4.16
  XFree86 4.2
  GNOME 2.0
  Mozilla 1.0

This version is meant for testers who would like to take a first look at Antomic GNU/Linux. If you would like to test this version, please mail me on zoyd@gmx.net.

Website launched Jul 11, 2002

Welcome to the Antomic Project's website. This website would serve as a common place for announcements and development related information.
As for the status, we're working towards the first version of Antomic GNU/Linux - 0.01, which is due to release in a few days.

Release 0.02
GNU C Library 2.2.5
Linux 2.4.19
XFree86 4.2
GNOME 2.0.2
Mozilla 1.0
GCC 2.95.3
package list

Antomic is a free operating system.
The Antomic GNU/Linux distribution is created with simplicity and adaptability in mind. It's quick to install, setup and boot. The focus is on simplicity and convenience for experienced users.

GNOME is used as the desktop environment.

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